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I decided to give these guys black guns instead of the green ones the other guys I’ve painted were given. It’s an experiment to give a bit more diversity to the model. Also, I would think the munitorium wouldn’t care much about guardsmen lasrifle colors, so long as they aren’t Slaanesh pink.

All that’s left with these guys is to drybrush, wash, and add the white to the imperial symbols. My project for next month will probably be another infantry unit, but probably not guardsmen.

Apologies for the lighting. Non apologies for the messy desk, it’s a thing.


Just a quick update; this was supposed to go up yesterday, but I got distracted with my first Skyrim playthrough… Still working on that guy I stripped last week. Got the base all drybrushed and the silver and blue basecoats down. Also finished putting the sand on the remaining bikers.

Started basing the bikers! Getting the glue into all these crevices is a bit annoying, so I’ll be doing these a bit at a time over the next couple of days.

Basing Bikers

I started playing 40k back in 1999, and my painting skill has improved substantially since then. I have two tactical squads that were painted around when I first got started, and they make it into almost every game I play. It’s kind of embarrassing, because they represent the very bottom of my skill level, and I field them all the time. So I’ve been itching to do something about that, and today I’m taking that first step.  For posterity, I’ve taken some pictures for comparison.

firstTacticalBefore firstTacticalBeforeFront

He’s taking a bath now, and will come back before too long, hopefully with a much better paint job.



Finally got these guys done. Had to do a bit of conversion work to get some of them to come off right. The guy I bought these from on eBay sent me two sergeants. Fortunately, I’d already gotten a Raven Wing command squad box to do my captain on bike, so I had an extra biker I could substitute in for the sixth. The bike and legs for the extra sergeant will be combining, along with some other handy parts from the command squad box, into a librarian on bike.

IMG_20140707_095157 IMG_20140707_095306

So one of the problems with magnetizing the kit for the Shadowsword is that they don’t give you the best spots to put magnets. I had to chop up the Banesword cannon to get some magnets on it, and stuck a magnet in the barrel for the Banehammer. At first, the Banesword cannon didn’t want to attach very well, so I had to shove another magnet on top of the first to make it stick better. The next challenge will be magnetizing the kit to also be a Doomhammer and a Stormsword.

Confused by the names already? I know I am.

I and a few friends have decided to try to post about once a week on our progress on our current modeling projects in order to try to motivate each other to continue on with the stuff we all have sitting around.  The final day of the week the posts need to be up by is Sunday; the progress can be minimal and can be as varied as working on a single model or a squad or anything, whether that be painting it, building it, converting it, or whatever, but the idea is to post some progress by Sunday, no matter how small it may be.

You’ve already seen a post by Coolone, so I’ll jump in as well.  I’m currently working on a second biker squad I’ve had sitting around for probably 8 months now– bought these Dark Vengeance bikers from eBay and they’ve been waiting for me to free up time after completing my centurions earlier this month.