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Coolone fortuitously reminded me this past week that winter will be here in a scant few months, after which priming models will be nasty. As such, I’ve started putting together more of my models to get them to the point where they’re ready to prime, so over the winter I’ll have plenty of models to work on without needing to prime new ones. This Librarian on bike is one of the models I’ve been planning for some time but just now have been able to get him together. Tried out some of my new gray stuff on him as well, and was pretty happy with it.


The Broken Blades are my version of the Dark Angels Deathwing. The challenge with this chapter has been to make them easily identifiable as a descendant of the Dark Angels, but have a scheme that is their own. My thoughts initially are to have the terminator armor be an ivory color, but to have red feature as a contrast to the ivory.



And of course they will need something fitting to ride into battle with. I found this on google images and I think I will do something very similar to this land raider.

237921_md-Battle Damage, Deathwing, Land Raider, Warhammer 40,000, Weathered

This week I finished up the green stuff gap-filling/line-filling. I’ll fully admit I didn’t do a great job except on the captain (rightmost in picture), but you won’t be able to tell much once they’re painted. Spray-primed them black the other day, and then today airbrushed the silver on (so much faster and so much less paint than doing it by hand). Wouldn’t airbrush infantry– too much of a hassle, I think, but bikers are just big enough that it’s worth it.


gnarloc 1


Alright if I can make this site obey my will I’ll be stringing ya’ll along with picture of my Goaded Greater Gnarloc’s coloring will start with the before picture of him with just a base coat.


I meant to do this last week.  Turns out I had to turn my pop up blocker off to be able to add a photo.  Weird eh? So I’ll give you another step, where I start to do detail work on the spines and claws.


gnarloc 2



I finished with the detail on the priest. I like playing around with different ways to apply rust, and the method I tried out on this guy work out really well. I used rust pigments, and then sprayed on a matte acrylic coating. Before I’ve done it with rubbing alcohol, which worked well enough, but I think using the acrylic worked out better.



Edit: I should mention that this was my paint project for August. Not as much as say, a guardsman squad. In the meantime, I’ve been priming tons of other models for later. My backlog is so immense that a fair amount of time needs to be spent just prepping my other models. I easily have well over 2000 points of models to still assemble, let alone the rest that need to be painted >.<

I must admit, I can’t really stand the models GW has for ministorum priests. I guess the one with the plasma rifle is okaaay, but the rest are rubbish.

For a while I searched high and low for a priest who looked ready for war, and thanks to Cavan (who SHOULD be posting here too…..hint hint), I was able to find this guy. I’ve modified him quite a bit to look more 40k-ish, and it has certainly paid off.


There are still a few details to be done. Some drybrushing, more washes, and a decal or two. I’m going to attempt to give his armor pieces a gold trim.

Didn’t get as much done this week as I wanted, but it’s been kind of crazy around here. Here’s the midway shot; all of the base colors are on, but there still needs to be some touch-ups (can’t see it in this picture, but his left eye is hilariously smeared around, just like before I stripped him).