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It’s amazing how bad you think your model may look in the middle of painting it.


I wasn’t happy with how this was turning out, but I pushed on, and I’m happy with the result. Turns out detail work can compensate for a lot. Whodathunkit?


The Broken Blades are my version of the Dark Angels Deathwing. The challenge with this chapter has been to make them easily identifiable as a descendant of the Dark Angels, but have a scheme that is their own. My thoughts initially are to have the terminator armor be an ivory color, but to have red feature as a contrast to the ivory.



And of course they will need something fitting to ride into battle with. I found this on google images and I think I will do something very similar to this land raider.

237921_md-Battle Damage, Deathwing, Land Raider, Warhammer 40,000, Weathered

I finished with the detail on the priest. I like playing around with different ways to apply rust, and the method I tried out on this guy work out really well. I used rust pigments, and then sprayed on a matte acrylic coating. Before I’ve done it with rubbing alcohol, which worked well enough, but I think using the acrylic worked out better.



Edit: I should mention that this was my paint project for August. Not as much as say, a guardsman squad. In the meantime, I’ve been priming tons of other models for later. My backlog is so immense that a fair amount of time needs to be spent just prepping my other models. I easily have well over 2000 points of models to still assemble, let alone the rest that need to be painted >.<

I must admit, I can’t really stand the models GW has for ministorum priests. I guess the one with the plasma rifle is okaaay, but the rest are rubbish.

For a while I searched high and low for a priest who looked ready for war, and thanks to Cavan (who SHOULD be posting here too…..hint hint), I was able to find this guy. I’ve modified him quite a bit to look more 40k-ish, and it has certainly paid off.


There are still a few details to be done. Some drybrushing, more washes, and a decal or two. I’m going to attempt to give his armor pieces a gold trim.

I decided to give these guys black guns instead of the green ones the other guys I’ve painted were given. It’s an experiment to give a bit more diversity to the model. Also, I would think the munitorium wouldn’t care much about guardsmen lasrifle colors, so long as they aren’t Slaanesh pink.

All that’s left with these guys is to drybrush, wash, and add the white to the imperial symbols. My project for next month will probably be another infantry unit, but probably not guardsmen.

Apologies for the lighting. Non apologies for the messy desk, it’s a thing.


IMG_20140707_095157 IMG_20140707_095306

So one of the problems with magnetizing the kit for the Shadowsword is that they don’t give you the best spots to put magnets. I had to chop up the Banesword cannon to get some magnets on it, and stuck a magnet in the barrel for the Banehammer. At first, the Banesword cannon didn’t want to attach very well, so I had to shove another magnet on top of the first to make it stick better. The next challenge will be magnetizing the kit to also be a Doomhammer and a Stormsword.

Confused by the names already? I know I am.