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Finished the bikers off!


I started redoing the second marine in my old tactical squad. He’s got almost all the base colors on him and ready for shading.


There was an accident in the middle of getting ready to do some very minor touch-ups to the marine above… Turns out squeezing a dropper bottle with a bit of a plug in it can have explosive results.


So, the assault terminators got all their silver done! Surprise!


I just finished doing the colors on bases for these bikers along with all of the touch-ups. I decided not to emphasize the trim on the basic bikers, just on the captain. I still need to do a bit of touch-up on the tires, but I think I’m going to move forward with doing the shading. Still need to do the painting on the Tyranid heads the captain is riding over.


It’s amazing how bad you think your model may look in the middle of painting it.


I wasn’t happy with how this was turning out, but I pushed on, and I’m happy with the result. Turns out detail work can compensate for a lot. Whodathunkit?