Weekly posts: neromir

Finished the bikers off!


I started redoing the second marine in my old tactical squad. He’s got almost all the base colors on him and ready for shading.


There was an accident in the middle of getting ready to do some very minor touch-ups to the marine above… Turns out squeezing a dropper bottle with a bit of a plug in it can have explosive results.


So, the assault terminators got all their silver done! Surprise!


I just finished doing the colors on bases for these bikers along with all of the touch-ups. I decided not to emphasize the trim on the basic bikers, just on the captain. I still need to do a bit of touch-up on the tires, but I think I’m going to move forward with doing the shading. Still need to do the painting on the Tyranid heads the captain is riding over.


So, I finally got around to starting to put the remaining colors on those other bikers I sprayed with silver a couple of months ago. I’m probably not going to do these guys up to the best of my ability; honestly, I’m not super impressed with the Dark Vengeance models, and I just want these to look presentable. I don’t need them to look amazing. I’ll probably take some time on the captain, however– he’s in the foreground, a bit blurry.


I’ll probably be doing the librarian and Master of the Forge after I get these guys done. Starting to get a hankerin’ to get going on those Tau I have sitting in their box…

Made some good progress this week on the kitbashed Master of the Forge/Techmarine on bike. I used a number of pieces from a Fabius Bile model I traded for a few months ago. Three of the servo armos on the harness come from Bile, and the remaining one comes from some leftovers from my Techmarine in servo harness kit from some years ago. I also started to put together a conversion beamer that I was planning to magnetize onto the back of the bike.

Unfortunately, once I glued the backpack on, it became clear that the conversion beamer turret wasn’t going to fit on the back of the bike. For a while I thought I’d just figure out another way to make it work, but that wasn’t looking like it was going to pan out, so I pried the backpack off with its half-dried glue. I’m going to have to magnetize his backpack and magnetize the turret, since they won’t both fit. He might look a little weird with no backpack on while the turret is there, so I’m trying to decide if I’ll magnetize another backpack for him.


The lighting in my work room sucks for taking pictures. Conversion beamer’s on the right, but you can’t see how cool it is in this picture; I’m really happy with how it came out.

I’ve been wanting to do a Techmarine on a bike for some time now, but haven’t had the correct parts until relatively recently. With cold weather approaching in the next month or so, I’ve decided to try to get as many things ready for priming as I can. I’ll be starting the priming probably in the next week or two. As you can see from the picture, not a lot happened with the Techmarine this week– mostly just getting out parts and thinking about different ideas for how it could work. Salt Lake Comic Con was this week, so that took a lot of my time.