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More stuff in the Warhound building! I worked on the base a bit a few days ago. I’ve seen a few people use large cutting boards, CD/DVDs, or other stuff for their titan bases.  I wanted something bigger than a couple of CDs but not as big as a cutting board, so I decided to get some hardboard from the hardware store and cut my own base out of it. I just placed the titan’s legs onto the base and pencil-drew a rough rounded shape around the feet at about the size I wanted. After that, I cut it out with the drywall bit on my dremel, then sanded down the edges and put a bevel on it with the drum sander.

The drywall bit gave me a fairly wobbly cut around the edge I wanted (it was my first time using it, this has been a project of firsts), but I was able to sand it down to smooth enough for my purposes.  I don’t necessarily want it to look like it’s a perfectly rounded base; a little unevenness gives it a bit of a “this was torn out of the ground where the titan was walking and frozen in time” look (besides, I don’t think I can get it perfectly rounded…).

baseLeftSide baseFront

Then I did some paint tests in trying to figure out the paint scheme I want to use.

metallicBlackBlueWhitePaintTest copperBrassPaintTest

These are just some gates that I cut off the titan pieces. The one on the left is black primer, the middle is white primer, and the right one is gray primer.  In this picture I was considering doing a blue/black or a blue/white color scheme. I eventually decided on the latter, because the blue and the white are nice contrasting colors.  I’m a sucker for blue schemes, it’s always been my favorite color.

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